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Graphic Design is not just a print shop. At we also specialise in graphic design. At our studio / factory we have multiple, highly-qualified, experienced, advanced-designers / artists ready to take your upcoming project to the next level for a professional-looking outcome. Below is a list of our graphic design services:

  • Custom Sign Design
  • Custom Banner Design
  • Digital Image editing
  • Logo editing
  • New logo design
  • Convert jpeg to vector
  • Add or remove background
  • Enhance your image quality
  • Remove spots / fading / stains, etc from photos
  • Create a flashing GIF
  • Create a GIF movie
  • Create an advertisement for YouTube or your website
  • Edit an existing advertisement
  • Web image gallery / Web page design
  • Cafe / Restaurant menu design
  • Pamphlet design
  • A4 catalogue design
  • Digitise and enhance your old photograph prints
  • Wedding photo post-production
  • In-house photography with a modern DSLR (Canon) camera surrounded by multiple LED floodlights for that professional, shadow-free image followed up by post-production editing ready for all your 1080p / 4K, high-res, digital-ready mediums &/or giant billboard/s Web image gallery / Web page design

And much, much more!

For a quote on any of the above please contact us at:

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