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  • Scroll down within this page to see the discount codes to use at checkout to get your discount as a thank you for clicking on our ad and taking the time to place your first online order.

    Are you looking for Custom signs ? Are you looking for instant quotes for Custom signs ?
    On our website you can answer a few questions and get an instant quote sent to your email or alternatively you can place an order online.

    Get an instant quote today for various types of custom signs including Custom Stickers, Custom Banners, Custom shop signs, Custom Safety Signs, Custom Road Signs & more. Simply enter the specifications for your potential new sign and the calculator will do the rest, plus, you can even upload your design or an example of what you’re after for us to either – print your exact design or we can produce the artwork design for you if you don’t have your artwork in a print-ready file format.

    If you are a first time user to this website then you can use either of the following discount codes:
  • GOOGLE20” for 20% discount on orders above $500 ex GST. or,
  • GOOGLE10GIFT” for: 10% off PLUS, a $50 Gift Voucher for orders above $500 ex GST (that can be emailed to any email address of your choosing).

    Tool Tip: There are ONLY 3 main steps to get a quote or place an order.
    1. Go to
    2. Select the type of sign and then choose the specifications.
    3. Get Quote/Place order instantly.

    If you have any difficulty placing the order online or any feedback please leave a message via live chat option.

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